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GB London - Egyesült Királyság

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Eveline K.

Közzé tette Eveline K.

kelt: június 2013

One week at EC London Covent Garden 30+ is definitely too short

EC London Covent Garden 30+ exceeded my expectatio... Bővebben

Cynthia H.

Közzé tette Cynthia H.

kelt: május 2013

I had a lovely time

I had a lovely time in London at EC 30+! Everyone ... Bővebben

Blanka M.

Közzé tette Blanka M.

kelt: március 2013


I have been studying English since I was 9 years o... Bővebben


3 Stukeley Street
Irányítószám : WC2B 5LT
Város : London
Ország : England

Tel. : +356 23790575
Fax : +356 2072423626
Latest student review

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Eveline K.

Közzé tette Eveline K. (Vienna - Austria)

kelt: június 2013 - Austria

One week at EC London Covent Garden 30+ is definitely too short

EC London Covent Garden 30+ exceeded my expectations (although I had already stayed at EC Brighton and EC London Euston in 2010 and 2012 and therefore knew what to expect :-)
If you are an adult spending your holiday in London in order to improve your English at a language school this is the perfect location: situated in the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden the school is only a 5- to 20-minute walk to most of London’s well-known sights.
EC London Covent Garden 30+ is much more familiar than EC London Euston, rooms are also light and the cafeteria offers coffee, snacks and lunch for reasonable prices.
Teachers are all native speaker from different English-speaking countries and therefore you can get used to different English accents.
In class they use modern technology and new media: interactive whiteboards allow immediate access to the internet. Watching Videos, looking up facts or news and writing on the board by hand or via keyboard are easily possible.
Therefore, lessons are anything but boring and the 20 hours of General English I had booked were over in next to no time.
I am determined to come back to EC London Covent Garden 30+ for another course!

Cynthia H.

Közzé tette Cynthia H. (Duiven - )

kelt: május 2013

I had a lovely time

I had a lovely time in London at EC 30+! Everyone was very nice and I felt right at home!
Just making conversation and having discussions about various subjects (from watching the documantary "Sex, death and the meaning of life" to a clip of "Eastenders") was a nice way to improve my English skills. Unfortunately, no time was spend on grammar, but after the course I was much more confident about my English in word and writing, so that's forgiven!
I would recommend EC 30+ to my friends and family, as it was a great experience.

Blanka M.

Közzé tette Blanka M. (Split - Croatia (Hrvatska))

kelt: március 2013 - Croatia (Hrvatska)


I have been studying English since I was 9 years old, but I have always been struggling with few problems such as memorising new vocabulary, articles and prepositions. Before going to EC, I spent 14 weeks studying English in other schools in London, Dublin and Chicago, but without any improvement even though I was placed in C1 and later in C2 class. Moreover, learning language in old-fashioned way was almost painful and in overall really bad experience. That changed when I came to EC London in July 2012 when I spent 3 weeks in advanced General English class. The method of teaching was different and suited me much better. I was finally learning and I enjoyed it. The atmosphere in the school was great and the same applies to facilities. All members of staff were excellent and teachers were friendly, creative and dynamic. Moreover, they paid attention to the individual needs of their students. They were also very supportive and encouraged me to take CPE exam. In January 2013 I went back to EC London to take CPE preparation course. It takes lots of effort to prepare for such exam in only 9 weeks, but my teacher believed in me even when I didn't and was happy to give me extra homework when I wanted it. I also took intensive classes and all teachers were equally good. Free conversations and pronunciation classes, as well as CV and Interview skills workshops, are certainly an extra plus. EC London was indeed the best experience of my life and I wouldn't change it for anything. Very supportive and very professional! Highly recommended!

Marcio K.

Közzé tette Marcio K. (Campinas - Brazil)

kelt: március 2013 - Brazil

Excelent School to improve English Skills and add an outstanding experience in my CV; Teachers and all professionals are very nice and helpful; The structure is also great and the ambience very good; I definitely recommend the EC London

Anna maria S.
  • 3 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 3 Star Rating: Recommended

Közzé tette Anna maria S. (Zürich - Switzerland)

kelt: január 2013 - Switzerland

Not the best match

The building of EC is spacious which is out of ordinary in London. location is also perfect. Teachers are serious and their commitment is undeniable, however, they seemingly have no clue how to deal with a group of spoilt kids who are not willing to learn and keep on disturbing the others. Students in the group were randomly lumped together, regardless of age. Some of them were not really on the proficiency level. If you are less than 19 and wish to have fun, it's probably a good place for you. The infantile behavior can be really annoying on CPE level or for anybody else who is strongly motivated. Apart from that, for me there wasn't enough of listening tests done during these 10 weeks I was there. Students were also reluctant to do any homework and complained anytime they got something challenging to do. I was in a minority.

Guillaume P.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Közzé tette Guillaume P. (Echenevex - France)

kelt: március 2011 - France

Ec london school, is a good learning school.

-Teachers : are not all competent, I had 4 different teachers and 50% were really good and seems motivated.

-Reception people : were all of them kind, polite and seems enjoyed to help me.

-The organisation is really good, I think it's because they already have a long experience.

-Another important point : is the extras are great and helpful. Pronunciation class, one movie every weeks, and parties.

-Accomodations : I was in a Host family and it was not a good experience because my family takes students just for money and not to help their students.

-Buildings : There is just one "great" building, the others are really bad and I think, It's unfair to pay this price if have not the same qualities everywhere.

Ec Café : I was a Ec café's customer for my first month but I could not stayed longer and support the employees because they were too rude and not really kind. The first day, the chef and boss said "it's a good and fresh "cuisine" !" but I never see fresh meals, only freezing meals.

To conclude, Ec school, is a good school where you can learn english but nothing else.

Ana isabel F.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Közzé tette Ana isabel F. (Spain)

kelt: március 2011 - Spain

I would like to talk about my experience in EC college writing about of five point.

1. Teachers: I think EC college has excellent prfessionals. All the professionals are very motivates.
2. Administration people: They are kind, polite and very motivate for help to people. Them main objetive is solve the problem the students.
3- Management of the teachers and teaching is very organizate. In my opinion there are a good team of coordinators or supervisor.
The social program that EC school organizate is interesting and friendly.
4.- Management acomodation. I think EC school must work for better this point. In my opinion the relation quality price is not good. The quality that EC offer is less than the price that the student pay (I am talking in concret about residence).
5.- Building. It can be better and EC must work in Its.

In conclusion, in my opinion EC college offer good teaching with excellents professionals, with friendly evironment. For me it's the most important, but is important that EC school continues working on other points.

Seyedreza H.

Közzé tette Seyedreza H. (tehran - Iran)

kelt: március 2011 - Iran

Hi, I'm a student in EC College and I've been in EC about 6 month. When I arrived in london I was very upset because I couldn't speak English as well as now. So after this time, now I can speak English and I've got good feeling.
If I want to give score to EC, than 0 to 100, I give 87 because here there are many good item and a little bit bad item.
There are many teacheres who are friendly and helpful. They teach you in the best way and every time you can get help from them.
There are good staff in EC.
There are 4 building in london to EC students. Building 1 is the best and you can find any thing in EC cafe.

Armin M.

Közzé tette Armin M. (Tehran - Iran)

kelt: március 2011 - Iran

I think EC School has good teachers .
They have good behavior with their students.
EC school is in the centre of london so we are very close to popular places therefore it's very good to communicate with society'people .
I think Ec don't has a big place to practice speaking skill , I think EC'Cafe don't has enough space for all student.
I am happy that I am here .
I would think i can improve my English language with Ec'method in short time .

Ochi H.

Közzé tette Ochi H. (Tokyo - Japan)

kelt: március 2011 - Japan

I really enjoy this school.The teachers are friendly and have a good temper.I speak with my friends from other countries every day. There are a lot of social programs every weekend.This school is good location that takes 5 minutes from tube satation.London has a good transport system inspite of expensive cost. I recommend this school.

Tianliang Z.

Közzé tette Tianliang Z. (shanghai - China)

kelt: március 2011 - China

I'm from china.
I have studied English in EC school for 5 months.
the Ec school's teacher has a good pronunciation.
The EC has important place of london because the EC in the centre of london and it near the Oxfort street.
the trainsport is very quickly for the student to go anywhere.
In the Ec school I find new friends of different places.The students has more time to speaking .

Shayan M.

Közzé tette Shayan M. (tehran - Iran)

kelt: március 2011 - Iran

I came here to study engtlish 3month ago.I think so EC is a good place to learn. I will try to know more who how does the teachers teach?And which one is better and has a good behaviour because it necessary for me and I will believe that .certainly it will effect in life.First day I confused because I can't under stand very well but now my language is better than 3 manth ago some time i have gone to cafe ana speak with guys frome other country that is intersting and our discussion was very effective'

Svetlana D.

Közzé tette Svetlana D. (Moacow - Russia)

kelt: május 2010 - Russia

Svetlana, Russia, Moscow

I am very glad that I have a chance to share my opinion concerning my staying at the EC School! I was at EC twice and it was a great experience! If I need more practice to improve my language I will learn English only at this school. I will try to explain and give some reasons for that.

It was my first day at EC school when Rich giving us a welcome speech told us - “There is a place for everyone in London” first I thought that this phrase was just words of some kind of hospitability but later on his words were proved by practice because during the whole staying at EC school I felt more comfortable than at home.

First of all, learning English here is a great pleasure. You should not think about anything else because everything is already organized that you can enjoy learning English in order to you will be able to make a great progress. EC teachers are very professional and demanding. They can explain everything in a very easy and accessible way. They have individual approach to every student. They are very kind and friendly and are always ready to help you with any question. All teachers are very good but the best one is Anthony. He is a very talented teacher with an inexhaustible desire to teach and to help.

Moreover, EC provides a wide range of social programme. You can choose any according to your taste: going cinema, museums, zoo and visiting historical places, sport competitions and entertainment. So EC School gives an opportunity not only to study English at class but also during your free time.

Furthermore, the atmosphere at the school is so friendly and admirable that students do not want come back home at the end of the course and many of them return here again.
I also studied English at others schools they are good but the distinguished features of this school are attention to their students, methods of teaching, a strong desire to teach by any means and even if you even do not want you will, the school creates special atmosphere where a hard process of learning English turns to a great please and this allows to achieve greater results. All this facts mentioned above make the school unique.

I would recommend this school to everyone who wants to improve their language. EC School opens enormous opportunities to realize your dreams and to achieve your goals it is good start in the future prospects.

Tomoko Y.

Közzé tette Tomoko Y. (Fukuoka - Japan)

kelt: május 2010 - Japan

Hello. I am in Japan!! I has been great experience learning English!!!
teacheres were very kindness and all time helped me.
I swear that EC is really nice language school in London.
I'll go back to London for one year. I need EC!!!
I hope learn again in EC

Helena W.

Közzé tette Helena W. (Curitiba - Brazil)

kelt: május 2010 - Brazil

Hello there! My experience at EC London was great! I cannot complain about anything. The teachers are fantastic and the staf as well, whenever I needed anything they were very helpful. I would study there again, for sure!

Annalisa M.

Közzé tette Annalisa M. (Torino - Italy)

kelt: május 2010 - Italy

Hi, i had really a great time in EC school in London .....good school,good location, good teachers and good students/friends.


Marija A.

Közzé tette Marija A. (nis - Yugoslavia)

kelt: május 2010 - Yugoslavia

I had been feeling down for quite a long and felt that I was stuck in a rut, so I deceided to come to EC London to chear myself up. So, going to London so sad, I wonder myself what school really is and what kind of people i will meet? And I was little afraid.But to my suprise, everyone, I mean literally every teacher I have met there was so kind,so helpful so full of understanding and so determinate to solve every my problem that only thing I could say was THANKS GOD !
And you know what was most astonishing ? When I realised how I became a part of that big society-society of people( in terms of learning english) with whom I could share same worries, same suffering and same joy !
I will tell you without exaggeraton that is the best gift you could have ever get. Nothing really nothing didn´t warm my heart as much as kind words and gentle smile of my teacher John (curly one) ! So I can´t hide the truth and I want to tell the hole world that thanks to people who works there LONDON EC school is the best school ever SO if you want to make yourself happy just go there !!!!
Marija Andjelkovic from Serbia

Katharina W.

Közzé tette Katharina W. (Salzburg - Austria)

kelt: május 2010 - Austria

Hi Guys !
When I think back to EC London, a lot of wonderful memories become vivid.
The internationality, especially in this school and the happiness the people portrayed there were just amazing. The emphasis teachers and students put into their work speaks for it's own. Overall,London is definitively the place to be.

Andres V.

Közzé tette Andres V. (Seville - Spain)

kelt: május 2010 - Spain

I enjoyed all days in ec London. The social programme was wonderfull. I had a lot of free activities after class, walking tours, parties, trips, live music, ... I learned English during all day, not only in the classrooms. I'll go again to a ec academy.

Marcos L.

Közzé tette Marcos L. (Brasília - Brazil)

kelt: május 2010 - Brazil

Very nice school! I had two different teachers who were at the top of their game! The other members of staff (reception and director of studies) were very friendly and committed in helping the students to get their best results. The cafeteria was ok and their coffee just about average... :-) But as I wasn´t there for the coffee I cannot do anything else but to recommend EC London.

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