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ES Puerto de la Cruz - Spanyolország

  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended

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Iskola ismertető


Instituto Cervantes

Az iskola bemutatása

• Established in 2000

• Specialises in teaching Spanish as a foreign Language

• All our teaching staff are native Spanish speaking university graduates and with many years experience

Az iskola felszereltségének ismertetése

• 10 bright air-conditioned classrooms

• A lecture room for up to 60 people

• Three computer rooms with Internet connections

• The Academy Café with a large sun terrace – open from 8.30 - serving delicious coffee, snacks and hot meals at student prices

=> The classrooms, coffee bar and sun terrace extend over 2,000 sq.m.

• The centre of Puerto de la Cruz is just 10 minutes away

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Tanfolyam típusa

Általános és Intenzív tanfolyamok
Üzleti/Vezetőképző tanfolyamok
Csoportos programok
Egyetemi alapítványi/előkészítő tanfolyamok
Egyszemélyes kurzusok
Fizetett szakmai gyakorlatok
High School
Középiskolai felkésztő tanfolyamok
Nyári vagy tábori programok
  Nyelvtanfolyam a tanár otthonában
Plusz tanfolyamok (sport, kultúra stb.)
Program au pair
Speciális célú tanfolyamok
Tanárképző programok
Tanfolyamok végzősöknek
Tanulmányi célú tanfolyamok
Vakációs programok fiatal tanulóknak
Vakációs tanfolyamok felnőtteknek
Vizsgára felkészítő tanfolyamok

Tanfolyamok ismertetése és árak


• Individual courses

• Intensive group courses

• Special courses such as Spanish for Tourism and Hotel Business


Registration fee includes:

A certificate of participation

Free internet access

Exercise book, work book and material (Intensive courses only)

• Full programme of leisure activities during the week


Bizonyítványok és felkészítés vizsgákra

Official Spanish Certificate DELE - recognised internationally

• Swedish National Student Aid Board (CSN) recognises our Spanish courses

A tanulók nemzetisége, átlagéletkora és átlagos létszám az órákon

To achieve the best results, we give:

lessons in small groups of 3 to 8 students

2 participants courses

Individual courses

• Tailor made courses

Tanórán kívüli tevékenységek

We organise once a week:

Monday morning breakfast

a week excursion

party night

visits to local fiestas

surf lessons


salsa lessons

beach volleyball


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A tanár otthonában
Fogadó család
  Lakás / Apartman
Szálloda / Hosztel
Tanfolyamok szállás nélkül

Lehetőségek fogyatékkal élő tanulók számára

Our school is now fully adapted for handicapped students or visitors. We hold the International Symbol of Access (ISA) which requires the following:

a parking space reserved for vehicles used by disabled people or Blue Badge holders

pavements with ramp access

a public toilet with facilities for the disabled

easy access between all areas e.g. classrooms, Café and toilets

a reception desk adapted for wheelchair users

• ramps from the school to street level with access to local shops

Reptéri / Állomás transzfer

Reina Sofia in the south

• Los Rodeos in the north

=> Bus - regular services to Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz



· We can organize your transfer from the airport:

  o Tenerife south airport, one way: € 80  


  o Tenerife north airport, one way: € 40

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Calle Camelia 3
CC la Cúpula
Local 69
Irányítószám : 38400
Város : Puerto de la Cruz
Ország : Spain

Tel. : +34 922389303
Website :

Latest student review

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Sabrina R.

Közzé tette Sabrina R. (Germany)

kelt: június 2011 - Germany

I can just recommend this school!
I improved my Spanish last year, I travelled alone and lived together with 2 other students from England in a flat. It was a great week and the school also offered great excursions :)

Hubert S.

Közzé tette Hubert S. (Bonn - Germany)

kelt: május 2011 - Germany

Very good language school. The teachers are friendly and experienced. Hope to be there one time again!
Saludos from H.

Jonas S.

Közzé tette Jonas S. (Bern - Switzerland)

kelt: január 2011 - Switzerland

I had 4 great weeks at FU Academy in wonderfull Tenerife. Christmas at the beach with 24 degree, I felt like in a movie.
I loved my profesors and the office staff was incredible. I just had a wonderful experience!
And check out the shared rooms, it's a little bit crazy but lots of fun!!
Best, Jonas

Dörthe B.

Közzé tette Dörthe B. (Hannover - Germany)

kelt: július 2010 - Germany

Ich mache seit drei Wochen einen Sprachkurs an der FU International Acadamy Teneriffa und habe bislang nur positive Erfahrungen. Der Unterricht ist interessant und lehrreich und auch die Lehrer sind sehr nett. Auch das Freizeitprogramm ist abwechslungsreich gestaltet: von Surfen bis Salsa ist alles dabei.

Briet osk K.

Közzé tette Briet osk K. (Reykjavik - Iceland)

kelt: július 2010 - Iceland

My experience here in FU language school has been great. The teachers here are great and I learned a lot more in Spanish than I thought I would. This island has many different and exciting things you can do for fun when you are not at school. Overall my stay here has been more fun, exciting and instructive than I had ever expected :)

Eddie E.

Közzé tette Eddie E. (Memmingen - Germany)

kelt: június 2010 - Germany

I was four weeks at the school. It was really great. The lessons, teachers, students, and more. Will come back this summer!!!!!!

Sarah S.

Közzé tette Sarah S. (Leipzig - Germany)

kelt: május 2010 - Germany

I had 8 great weeks at FU school. I\'ve learned a lot Spanish in a pretty short time. The teachers were all very motivated and nice. Also the afternoon programm was always a lot of fun. It is so much easier to learn the language in that country. I just can recommend this school in Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz.

Lara V.

Közzé tette Lara V. (Albstadt - Germany)

kelt: május 2010 - Germany

I did the Spanish course for 6 week and I had an absolutely gorgeous and unforgettable time! :) My Spanish improved a lot during these weeks! My teacher, Sonia, was so great! Always friendly, motivated, the lessons were constructed effectively, varied and they were well organised by her. I got to know so many awesome people with whom I had a lot of fun!!! :)

Natalia W.

Közzé tette Natalia W. (Katowice - Poland)

kelt: május 2010 - Poland

Hi all...
I was at the school for 4 weeks, it was a really nice time:] I enjoyed every moment spend there with teachers and students... my teacher was Sandra, she is the best! There was many afterschool activities, so you cant get bored:] all the people working there are kind and very friendly, thank you for everything!!

Jens S.

Közzé tette Jens S. (Berlin - Germany)

kelt: május 2010 - Germany

I spent more than 3 weeks in Tenerife in September 2009 and had a fantastic time there. Sandra, the teacher for beginners is so great and classes are a good fun. And I enjoyed to go beachvolley after class so much. I met a lot of people in the academy who I can still call my friends.
Thanks all, for a really nice time

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