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IT Orbetello - Olaszország

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The Terramare language school, situated in the historical town centre and open all year round, was founded in 1986 and run by highly qualified teachers with many years of experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language. The school team therefore offers a unique opportunity for those who want to learn the language and also want to practice it in everyday situations, as the courses of Terramare guarantee full immersion in Italian culture and nature – enrolling for a course gives students a combination of language learning and language practice.

Why TerraMare?
The Italian language school Terramare located in Orbetello, Tuscany, offers language and cultural courses with an intensive outdoor program with many cultural activities, as the courses that are held in small groups (not more than 2-6 students) do not only take place in the classroom but all around this lovely city and region: the participants learn the Italian language getting to know the Italian society, taking part in various cultural events and exploring the natural paradise as well as the artistic and cultural treasures of the surrounding area. At Terramare students experience an intensive and unforgettable Italian language holiday.

Our Team
The school is run by highly qualified teachers with many years of experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language.

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School facilities include four classrooms, a library, a small garden, WIFI connection and computers with internet connection. During the breaks students and teachers like to relax and take a coffee in the bar just in front of the school.

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Tanfolyam típusa

Általános és Intenzív tanfolyamok
Üzleti/Vezetőképző tanfolyamok
Csoportos programok
Egyetemi alapítványi/előkészítő tanfolyamok
Egyszemélyes kurzusok
Fizetett szakmai gyakorlatok
High School
Középiskolai felkésztő tanfolyamok
Nyári vagy tábori programok
  Nyelvtanfolyam a tanár otthonában
Plusz tanfolyamok (sport, kultúra stb.)
Program au pair
Speciális célú tanfolyamok
Tanárképző programok
Tanfolyamok végzősöknek
Tanulmányi célú tanfolyamok
Vakációs programok fiatal tanulóknak
Vakációs tanfolyamok felnőtteknek
Vizsgára felkészítő tanfolyamok

Tanfolyamok ismertetése és árak

Individual course - 20 hours
Standard group course
Individual course - 30 hours
Individual course - 10 hours
Combined intensive course
Language, art and archeology
Language, nature and sport
The language of travelling:Educational journey through Italy
Language, cuisine and the wine trail
From creating to speaking: Language plus workshop
Economical correlation between lagoon and sea
Archeology and history
Wine gastronomy in the Maremma
Christmas in Italian
CILS preparation course - 10 hours
CILS preparation course - 20 hours
CILS preparation course - 30 hours


At the first day of the course students should be at school at 9 am where they are welcomed by the staff of teachers. After a short written test each students talks with on of the teachers to evaluate the level of knowledge. During a short break for the students the teachers check the test results and determine small groups of 2-6 students with similar level. At about 11 am the students are informed about their class as well as about the daily educational and cultural program. After this introduction classes begin at about 11 am until 1 pm. At about 5.30 pm students meet with the teacher to receive a welcome package and for an orientation tour in the city. Usually there is also a boat trip in the lagoon to understand the pecularities of the natural environment and to get a first impression of the area. The first day at school ends with a dinner attended by all teachers and students.

A tanulók nemzetisége, átlagéletkora és átlagos létszám az órákon

Terramare offers highly personalized language and cultural experiences for students of all ages. The school is ideal for students who do not only want to learn Italian but also get to know the Italian culture, people, lifestyle, history, nature and traditions.

Tanórán kívüli tevékenységek

Apart from the special courses that contain a wide range of cultural activities, the school also organizes three free time activities per week like cultural meetings or trips to local places of natural or historical interest that are included in the price of all courses. These activities enable students to explore the Italian way of life, cuisine, traditions, cultural events and places of interest.

Twice a week students and teachers go out to dinner together in one of the characteristic restaurants along the coast or inland.


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A tanár otthonában
Fogadó család
  Lakás / Apartman
Szálloda / Hosztel
Tanfolyamok szállás nélkül

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Reptéri / Állomás transzfer

The school is situated in the historical center of Orbetello, just a few minutes from the beach and the sea. This wonderful lagoon town with its natural reserves and unique proteced areas is about 150 km from Rome. On request the school team offers a transfer service in private car from/to the airport Rome Fiumicino or from/to the train station in Orbetello.

From the airport Rome Fiumicino "Leonardo da Vinci" it is possible to reach the school in about 1 hour 30 minutes by car or 1 hour 50 minutes by train. On request the school team offers a transfer service in private car from/to the airport Rome Fiumicino or from/to the train station "Orbetello Scalo" in Orbetello.

Vízumtámogató igazolás

If you need a visa, just let us know. We will do our best to give you a hand.

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Via Roma, 42
Irányítószám : 58015
Város : Orbetello
Ország : Italy

Website :

Latest student review

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Susanna M.

Közzé tette Susanna M. (Austria)

kelt: április 2011 - Austria

Although my Italian knowledge is quite good, I wanted to do something to improve it and combine this with a sportive holiday in a nice surrounding at the sea. This is exactly what I have found here: the course Italian plus Sport was just perfect for me. In the morning we had lessons in a group of just 4 with a great teacher who made the tuition really interesting and never boring. In the afternoon there was always sport, sport and again sport and some excurions. Great experience, highly recommended!

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